Cinnamon Essential Oil

Cinnamon Bark Essential Oil

The Cinnamon tree is an evergreen tree native to China, Vietnam and India. It has shiny, leathery green leaves and small, white flowers with purple berries. Cinnamon Oil is one of the most popular herbs and spices. Though cinnamon oil has numerous health benefits, it often causes irritations and allergic reactions. Therefore people prefer to use cinnamon directly instead of using the oil.

Cinnamon, which has the scientific name Cinnamonum zeylsnicum, has originated from tropical Asia, especially in India and Sri Lanka. Now the shrub is grown in almost every tropical region of the world. The herb, owing to its vast medicinal uses, had found a prominent position in traditional medicines, especially Ayurveda (the traditional Indian medicinal system).Traditionally cinnamon has been used in many cultures for treating a variety of health disorders including diarrhea, arthritis, menstrual cramps, heavy menstruation, yeast infections, colds, flu, and digestive problems due to its medicinal properties.

How Cinnamon Oil Is Produced

The bark of the cinnamon tree contains about 0.5% to 1% cinnamon oil. This oil is extracted by pounding the brown bark of the plant. The bark is softened and broken down further by sea water and immediately distilling the extract. The oil extracted in the process contains cinnamaldehyde or aldehyde of up to 60%, thus making it aromatic. It is this bark oil that is more in demand because of its effectiveness in terms of its healing abilities. Yet it is the leaves of the plant which contains more of the oil, at about 1.6% to 1.8%.When the oil is extracted from its source, it acquires a sweet scent and has a color that ranges from yellow to brown. In this form, cinnamon oil contains many chemical substances like linalool, eugenol, beta-caryophyllene, methyl chavicol and cinnamaldehyde. This mixture of substances makes cinnamon oil a potent agent that possesses many healing properties. It has acquired a good reputation as a cooking ingredient and a valuable health supplement.

Uses of Cinnamon Oil

  1. Cinnamon can be used in various ways. It is generally used for food and medicine. It can be used in the following ways:
  2. It can be used as an anti-fungal and anti-skin disease agent. The substance cinnamaldehyde in cinnamon oil makes it act as an antifungal and the element diterpenes enables it to act like an antihistamine. If you have candidiasis, drinking one cup of water mixed with one drop of this oil will treat the disease.
  3. Cinnamon oil is known to have a warming effect therefore it can alleviate your rheumatic and joint pain.
  4. Pure Cinnamon oil can be used as a food preservative. If you add it to your food in diluted amounts, it will preserve its freshness because it works like a preservative and an anti-oxidant.
  5. You can also use it as massage oil if mixed with patchouli oil at a ratio of 1:50. It acts as a skin astringent and can improve your blood circulation.
  6. Cinnamon oil can be used as aromatherapy oil. It helps relieves stress and depression. It can improve your mental functions by soothing your mind and inducing sound sleep.
  7. You can also use cinnamon oil to treat your diarrhea and flatulence. It helps to normalize your digestive patterns.
  8. Use cinnamon oil with your hot compress and your menstrual spasms will be minimized.

Health Benefits of Cinnamon Oil

  1. It helps with arthritis.
  2. It helps with diabetes.
  3. It helps with irregular menstruation.
  4. It boosts the immune system.
  5. It improves digestive health.
  6. Gets rid of bacteria in the air.
  7. It prevents urinary tract infections.
  8. It provides pain relief.

How to use Cinnamon Oil

  1. Use an aromatherapy diffuser or vaporizer
  2. Combine with a carrier oil and apply to skin
  3. Combine with a carrier oil and add to baths
  4. Sprinkle on a cloth and inhale

Properties of Cinnamon Oil

  • It can be used as an antibacterial and anti-fungal agent.
  • It can also be used in aromatherapy as a relaxant.
  • It is very strong and must be used sparingly.

Blends Well With

Cinnamon Bark Essential Oil blend with Frankincense, Lavender, Cedar wood, Citrus oils, Ylang Ylang

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